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Jaw Dropping Launch

YouthLink  | Calgary Police Interpretive Centre

To market this new attraction, Mosaic launched the YouthLink ‘WOW’ Campaign – a multi-faceted campaign that featured kids exploring and experiencing the new facility.

Part of this campaign was the development of collateral for facility promotion as well as engagement on the site. A facility brochure, pocket exhibit guide and Evidence Scene Investigation Scavenger Hunt were developed to bring the centre to life, excite visitors and invite them to engage.

The 20′ YouthLink Interactive Wall


Built using 10 – 55″ screens to provide visitors of the facility an engaging way to experience and learn about the history of the Calgary Police Services.

Relocating to a brand new building, YouthLink took the opportunity to redefine their exhibit experience. One of their many goals was to elevate the experience through the digital modality. Mosaic was approached to consult and then design this experience.

The result was a 20' interactive wall – a key feature of YouthLink. The interactive wall was created as a way for visitors of the centre to access the rich and vast archives of the Calgary Police Service. The wall provides a user-driven exploration of the history through photos, stories, documents and videos. It can also be used as a (very large!) presentation screen.



Branding Campaign, Digital, Social Innovation

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