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For the Goodness of Oil
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Campaign, Digital, Industry

Mosaic’s task was to help Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and their initiative, Canada's Energy Citizens (CEC) expand their reach and brand recognition through a campaign that could appeal to a broader audience and introduce new tools to be used to initiate dialogue.

Mosaic’s approach to reach CEC’s target audience was to create a communications plan to support a new theme and campaign vision. This plan incorporated social media, brand awareness, trade show booth assets, experiential marketing, event planning and execution, website and digital marketing and marketing collateral.

Mosaic created a gamification tool application to engage with the public at trade shows and events which could leverage internet connection or be used remotely. This game was a trivia-based app which quizzed users on their knowledge of oil and gas and energy and its role in our everyday lives. The app took players through a series of questions, each time providing an explanation rooted in fact as to why the answer was correct or not. The purpose of the game was to generate pride, understanding and trust by building affinity between all Canadians on the ‘butterfly effect’ of the industry and how petroleum provides for our (high) standard of living.

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